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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Confessions of a Europhile in Thirteen Volumes: VOLUME V

Everything's Coming Up Bruges

Less than a month after our little jaunt through Eastern Europe, the wanderlust began stirring anew. Given Belgium's proximity, Brussels seemed the most practical place to visit over a long weekend. As we began researching Belgium, though, Becca and I made the impulsive decision to forget Brussels altogether and instead head to Bruges.

Bruges (or Brugge) is a Flemish little cupcake of a city known for its perfectly preserved medieval architecture, pleasant canals, chocolate, and handmade lace being produced since at least the 15th century. What's not to love? The cuteness meter is through the roof on this place. Skeptical? Scan the photographic evidence below and then name somewhere more adorable. Go on, I dare you.

Proof of Cuteness

Exhibit A - cute window view:

Exhibit B - cute triangular rooftops:

Exhibit C - cute waffles!:

Exhibit D - cute hostel:

Exhibit E - cute pedestrian street:

Exhibit F - cute triangle roofs (revisited):

Exhibit G - cute central plaza:

Exhibit H - cute horse carriage:

Exhibit I - cute tower:

Exhibit J - cute pink building:

Exhibit K - cute bike culture:

Exhibit L - cute medieval architecture:

Exhibit M - cute cheese!:

Exhibit N - cute nightlife:

Exhibit O - cute beer:

Exhibit P - cute church:

Exhibit Q - cute lace:

Exhibit R - cute shop window:

Exhibit S - cute lace shop named after me:

Exhibit T - cute tower view:

Exhibit U - cute city:

Exhibit V - cute chocolate art:

Exhibit W - cute chocolate ad featuring cute girl eating chocolate:

Exhibit X - cute Michaelangelo:

Exhibit Y - cute doll shop:

Exhibit Z - cute canals:

The ABCs of cuteness. Don't you wish you could just miniaturize it all, stuff it in your purse, and take it home to display on your dresser? . . .

You can!

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