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Monday, March 8, 2010

OCD Attack

Do you experience most of your light bulb moments while taking a shower? I do. Well, as I allowed the steaming water to awaken my brain yesterday, I came upon a shocking realization regarding my blog profile. In it, I explain why I suffer from Incessant Travel Disorder. Apparently, I also suffer from Illogical Acronym Letters Disorder. While writing my profile, my thought process must have gone something like this:

I should say that traveling is a compulsive thing for me, almost like a disorder. I could even give it, like, an "official" name. Incessant Travel Disorder! Ooo, that totally sounds like a real medical thing. I'll give it an acronym to make it extra "medicalish": Incessant Travel Disorder (INS).

Quoi? Upon recognizing my mistake, I almost collapsed in the shower. My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder freaked out about my Incessant Travel Disorder being incorrectly acronymed. (Is that a verb?)

I would give myself a pass if I had absentmindedly used the first three letters of the first word, but that would make the acronym INC, not INS. Where did the "S" come from? Was it "S" for syndrome? "S" for symptom? "S" for stupid? Well, in any case, I have now corrected the gross error. I suffer from ITD. ITD!

"Confessions of a Europhile in Thirteen Volumes: Volume III" coming soon.

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