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Friday, December 18, 2009

When You Go to San Francisco ...

- Pretend to be imprisoned in Alcatraz.

- Pretend to be visiting an Alcatraz prisoner.

- Pretend Alcatraz is Azkaban.

- Pick fruits and flowers illegally at the Alcatraz (Azkaban) gardens.

- Subsequently get arrested.

- Play prison guard.

- Crane your neck and gasp in awe at the badass fighter planes swooshing around the SF skyline.

- Escape Azkaban – I mean Alcatraz – once and for all and rejoin civilization.

- Photograph phallus-inspired architecture. (Actually, do this in all your travels.)

- Choose a building to obsess over and consider it your future dwelling place complete with private library.

- Wonder at the ironic address of the cathedral.

- Pretend you're in China.

- Be patriotic.

- Seduce a soldier.

- Pretend to be a wine connoisseur in Sonoma.

- Have fun with murals.

- Sing the theme to Full House in front of Danny Tanner's home.

- Be introspective at the Golden Gate Bridge.

- Experience a California wildfire, sort of.

- Prance around the roof of a Frank Lloyd Wright building after reading a sign expressly forbidding it.

- Get drunk at a Mexican restaurant, and take pictures of bizarre actions you won’t remember later.

- Kick ass.

- Oh, and be sure to wear flowers in your hair.

At long last I have ventured to the West Coast. I had longed to visit San Francisco for years and am happy to report that it did not disappoint. Thank you to Priscilla, my fellow traveler, and Andrew, our gracious host.


Jennifer said...

You forgot the picture where you turn into an animagus to escape Azkaban, I mean Alcatraz. cool pics!

Melissa said...

If someone could photoshop something like that of me I'd pay money.