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Friday, September 7, 2007

From Turmoil to Takeoff

The last two weeks have consisted of the following: stress, hospital visits, fear, stress, exhaustion, heavy lifting, stress. Then … relief. As my world slowly reconstructs its natural order and my brain recovers its treasured sanity, I can once again turn my attention to preparing for eight months in France, which are now a mere 12 days away. Stress.

I have about 257 things to take care of and about 49 minutes in which to do them. I assure you those are accurate estimates. This will be tough, but I welcome the challenge. My “Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In?” Facebook quiz says I’m a Gryffindor, after all.

Besides, I recently received fantastic news – someone at my school knows I exist! Valérie, one of five English teachers, is “very happy happy” that I will be working at the high school, and I’m even happier to hear from her. She confirmed there is some kind of room available for me and mentioned twice that it has a TV. She may be French, but she knows what my American priorities are.

So, with a worryingly crazy two weeks behind me, I can look forward to the excitingly crazy two weeks ahead. First order of business (and by first I do not mean most important): find and purchase adorable slash affordably priced black clutch purse.


dw said...

I am so jealous of you for getting an email from someone at your school!! And it sounds like things are really starting to fall into place for you, which is awesome. Feeling more ready to go? I'm not, but then again I haven't even really moved home yet to begin packing or anything.

Mel said...

Our daughter , Morganna is getting ready to leave for St Cloud, Paris at the end of Sept. I`m reading out some of the comments in these postings to try and get her to relax about going !
We`re struggling with insurances etc and have been told that we are taking her over as all her stuff can`t possibly be put into a suitcase...truth is she needs some extra support on this new venture which she isn`t looking forward to. If anyone would like to contact her, please do as some reassurances would be appreciated !
Melissa....Mog has been to Cuba twice.....fab people there and her eldest brother is living in Fort Collins, Colorado

Andromeda said...

i know the feeling of many things to do in very little time. mostly for me its seeing everyone i want to see before i leave, though a black clutch now also seems totally neccessary :-p

Melissa said...

I found the black clutch! And for only $15 at Ross! One down, 256 to go.

The Grim Repas said...

isn't it great to know that your school expects to see you walk in their door oct. 1?

nicole said...

yea for takeoff! i hope you are getting everything done...see you on the other side!

Katie said...

Oh how I wish my school would contact me! I've been going between freaking out about my school not knowing I exist and not being able to check everything off of my to-do list prior to departure.
RYC: there's no toad season here that I know of, but the whole situation was too freaky to be a coincidence.

Katie P said...

And I totally crossed "clutch purse" off my list this week. Nice to see there's others out there concerned with the necessities :)